Welcome to Lune Cafe

An Ishgardian Maid & Butler Cafe nestled in the newly restored Empyreum. Our goal is to make you feel at home. ♡Please join our Discord for more media and notifications!

☙ Address ❧
❥ [Aether/Midgardsormr]
❥ Empyreum, W5-P52
❥ [Northeast Subdivision]
☙ Hours ❧
❥ Sundays & Thursdays
❥ 6 PM to 8 PM PST
❥ 8 PM to 10 PM CST
❥ 9 PM to 11 PM EST
❥ Pop up hours during the week! Keep an eye on PF and our Discord announcements.

Our Maids & Butlers

Get to know our Maids & Butlers by clicking their photo!

Our Supporting Staff

Get to know our Helpers by clicking their photo!

Lianthe Aedithas

🎕 Lune Cafe Maid/Artist/Helper 🎕

Likes: Tea, the twelve, sweets, wandering, exploring, learning new things, making others smile, black and gold, dressing up.
Dislikes: A lack of manners, troublemakers, bitter foods, close-mindedness, needless violence, seeing people cry, the color white, bugs.
Personality: Depending on what one is searching for, Lia could be either a mentor or a guide, always wanting to help and always wishing to be of service to the people of Etheirys. This means, though, that they would go to the ends of the earth for people who did not deserve it -- did not deserve unconditional love. There are little quirks that one might witness upon first meeting Lia and depending on who they're with, one may see a different side of Lia. If they're alone, someone will find that they're refined and elegant in all aspects, without flaw and without error, it seems. They can be a little judgemental to start off with, especially towards Ishgardian Nobles, specifically. If they're with Adon, they're much, much sweeter and much more relaxed in the company of other people.
Bear in mind, Lia is still, at the core, a kind character. Regardless of how they feel about someone, there will always be a modicum of understanding and empathy, solely because of the Twelve's teachings. They try not to push the religion onto people and honestly, very rarely talk about it unless someone else is incredibly religious themselves.
Fav Menu Item: Hot Chocolate, most definitely!

✰✰ It's my hope that I can capture you the way you've always been: beautiful!" ✰✰

Lianthe's Gallery

Fifi Muffins

🎕 Lune Cafe Maid 🎕

Likes: Music, singing, dancing, whisky and meaningful conversations
Dislikes: Sighing unironically at puns, rudeness, goodbyes and serial commas
Personality: Bubbly, mischevious, hardworking and easily distracted
Fav Menu Item: Apple Strudel

✰✰ "Meowdy and welcome to Lune! I hope you find your visit extra cozy, and I look forward to serving you." ✰✰

Fifi's Gallery

Dylain Aylor

🎕 Lune Cafe Butler 🎕

Likes: Black Mage Flare Spam
Dislikes: AOEs because I do not like moving :<
Personality: Sometimes I am hyper chaotic, sometimes I am tempered. Always will I talk to you about magic.
Fav Menu Item: I am a big fan of Hot Chocolate!

✰✰ "I look forward to providing you with a fantastic experience... you see I am simply one hell of a butler" ✰✰

Dylain's Gallery

Alice Winters

🎕 Maestra of Meals 🎕

Likes: Mahjong, Manderville Dancing, Munching, Sandworms
Dislikes: Mornings, Mushrooms, Mosquitos, Alliterations
Personality: Mischievous, Magnetic, Multitalented, Merciless, Magnificent
Fav Menu Item: Anything made by myself <;

"✰ Meowdy-ho! May you have a Most Magical Meal~ ✰"

Alice's Gallery

Decade Kadoya

🎕 Lune Cafe Maid🎕

Likes: music, coffee, cats, anime, stories, competitive and rhythm games, raiding, drawing, gpose
Dislikes: chocolate, most sea food, conflict, bugs, scary stuff
Personality: Shy at first but can warm up very fast, sweet, caring, serious when needed
Fav Menu Item: Archon Burger
Royal Tea Party: Available

♡♡ "Hi hi!~ We give you a warm welcome here at Lune Cafe! Im aways willing to talk even though I get nervous but I will do my best for you!" ♡♡

Decade's Gallery

Legoshi Saika

🎕 Lune Cafe Butler 🎕

Likes: Kind people, music, headpats and ear scratches
Dislikes: Rudeness
Personality: Playful, shy, cute, happy and calm
Fav Menu Item: Hot chocolate
Royal Tea Party: Not Available

♡♡ "Welcome to the Lune Cafe! I hope you enjoy your time here with us and please don't hesitate to ask me for anything cause I'd be glad to help you! ♥" ♡♡

Legoshi's Gallery

Yukine Kusushi

🎕 Lune Cafe Maid 🎕

Likes: Reading, Mahjong, Hot Chocolate, Potions, Cold Weather
Dislikes: Bugs, Meat, having her horns called fins
Personality: Quiet, Caring, very excitable and lively with friends
Fav Menu Item: Hot Chocolate!
Royal Tea Party: Available
♡♡ "Welcome to Lune Cafe! I hope you enjoy your visit, and I can't wait to be your maid!" ♡♡

Yukine's Gallery

Tea Lune

🎕 Lune Cafe Manager 🎕

Likes: Tea, Hazlenut, Sleep, Ratties
Dislikes: Insects, Tomatoes, Cucumber
Personality: A little quiet, very forgetful, prone to teasing 'w'
Fav Menu Item: Isghardian Tea
Schedule: On Hiatus

♡♡ "I hope your time spent here is relaxing and enjoyable~" ♡♡

Tea's Gallery

Tilini Fashonti

🎕 Lune Cafe Maid 🎕

Likes: Gil, gifts, spicy food, forests
Dislikes: Work, deserts, overly sweet foods
Personality: Prickly, snarky, chooses favorite people but dislikes everyone else
Fav Menu Item: Lemon Waffle
Royal Tea Party: Available

♡♡ "Don't make this difficult for me." ♡♡

☆☆ Activity Specialty: Mahjong ☆☆

Waffer Nutella

🎕 Lune Cafe Maid 🎕

Likes: Sweets, Music, Comedy, Headpats, Pretzel Nutella
Dislikes: Bossy People, Coleslaw, The Lost City of Amdapor
Personality: Whimsical, Energetic, Mischievous, Enthusiastic
Fav Menu Item: Pixieberry Cheesecake
Royal Tea Party: Available

♡♡ "Hello hello, and welcome! Don't be shy, let's enjoy the Lune Cafe together!" ♡♡

Waffer's Gallery

Minerva Blackwood

🎕 Lune Cafe Manager 🎕

Likes: Mint Chocolate Chip, Lavender, Flowers, Jazz, Alchemy, Gondo Firebeard
Dislikes: Rude People, Centipedes, MSQ, PVP
Personality: Stern, Loyal, Wallflower
Fav Menu Item: Matcha

♡♡ "Ask me if you need help or have any questions! Thanks for coming by Lune Cafe." ♡♡

Minerva's Gallery

Gondo Firebeard

🎕 Lune Cafe Paladin 🎕

Likes: Minerva, Faith, The Emperor
Dislikes: Radishes, Spiders
Personality: Loyal, Social, Outgoing
Fav Menu Item: Pizza

♡♡ "I am the Hammer, the right hand of my Emperor. I am the instrument of his will, the gauntlet above his fist, the top of his spear, the edge of his sword." ♡♡

Roombasa Boombasa

🎕 Lune Cafe Benefactor & Artist 🎕

Likes: Nanamo, making gil, sweets, paissas, destroying her market competitors, art
Dislikes: Bullies, sour foods, flying insects
Personality: Polite, responsible, somewhat controlling. Big sister type, but don't make her angry.
Fav Menu Item: Almond Cream Croissant

♡♡ "A pleasure to meet you! Enjoy your stay. Please let me know if there's anything you need." ♡♡

Sumi Jizutsu

🎕 Lune Cafe Artist 🎕

Likes: String, Robots, Lavender, Heavy Metal, Magic, Coffee, Moogles
Dislikes: Phone calls, impatient people, most drivers
Personality: Laid back, friendly, three ounces of cynicism
Fav Menu Item: Heavenly Eggnog

♡♡ "It's a pleasure to meet you! Sorry for any stray paint!" ♡♡

Sumi's Gallery

Pretzel Nutella

🎕 Lune Cafe Bard 🎕

Likes: Unagi, spicy food, dark chocolate, cats, Waffer Nutella
Dislikes: Jerks, overly sweet dessert, bubblegum flavor, allergies, The Copied Factory
Personality: Confident, funny, protective, friendly
Fav Menu Item: Ishgardian Tea

♡♡ "It's an honor and a pleasure to perform for you this evening! Let's get lost in the rich soundscape of Lune Cafe!" ♡♡

Pretzel's Gallery

Bunny Bunbun

🎕 Lune Cafe Photographer 🎕

Likes: Namazus, UwUs, Sadu Dorthal, Superbolide and Primal Rend.
Dislikes: Moogles, Tether mechanics, Bad lighting
Personality: Abstract, Easily Distracted
Food Menu Item: Creme Brulee

☆☆ "I promise to capture your good side." ☆☆
Schedule: Sundays Only

Bunny's Gallery

House Rules

❥ SFW cafe: Any straying beyond this rule will result in an immediate ban from the cafe.❥ Mind Your Manners: Please be kind to our guests and staff. We will not tolerate any hostile behavior.❥ Follow Directions: In order to maximize your experience at our Cafe, please follow the instructions of our staff when prompted.

How it Works

An available Maid or Butler will accompany you or your party during your evening at our cafe. There's no cover charge but we do greatly appreciate tips!Your Maid or Butler will greet you in the Reception area and then show you or your party to your table.From there, you'll enjoy activities and good eats with your Maid or Butler!Should there not be a Maid or Butler available, our guests are more than welcomed to order food and enjoy the cafe's relaxing atmosphere.

How it Began

Two best friends shared a dream together, to open their very own Maid and Butler Cafe in Eorzea.From there, with the support of their friends, Tea and Minerva embarked on their journey. Combining Tea's housing design prowess and Minerva's creative abilities, Lune Cafe was born.Minerva chose Tea's surname Lune because she found it fitting and has a nice ring to it!We hope you enjoy Lune Cafe. We strive to deliver the comfiest Maid and Butler Cafe experience possible in Eorzea.

With a bit of teamwork, our home layout was designed by Minerva and the theme by our very own Tea Lune! Please check out her portfolio here. Click on images to get a closer look.

The Cafe

Royal Tea Party

♡ 1,000,000g ♡ - Duration: Up to 45 minutes

  • Access to Royal Tea Garden (FC Room 1).

  • Exclusive 40 minutes with available maid/butler of choice.

  • 5x Polaroids with special frame and stickers.

  • Includes a Tea Party Buffet.

  • Groups of 1 - 6 people are allowed.

Note: This is a SFW experience, any straying beyond this rule will result in an immediate cancellation with no refund and ban from the cafe.

Tea Party Buffet


Finger Sandwich
Buttered Walnut Bread with Apkallu Egg & La Noscean Lettuce.

Mist Spinach Quiche
Chopped Mist Spinach whisked in Lorikeet Eggs, baked in a golden, flakey Upland Wheat Crust.


La Noscean Toast
Fried until Golden Walnut Bread soaked in Buffalo Milk, Apkallu Egg topped with Butter & Maple Syrup.

Island Miq'abob
Skewered Grilled Hamsa Tenderloin, Thavnairian Paprika, & Creamtop Mushroom drizzled with Perilla Oil.


Crab Cakes
Meat of Blue Crab tossed in Upland Wheat Flour, Lorikeet Egg & diced Onion, pan-fried golden.

Crowned Pie
Chopped Mirror Apples mixed with Maple Sugar, Cinnamon & Almonds baked in a golden & flakey pie, topped with a Golden Crown decoration.


Win a winnable activity and become an officially recognized owner of a Lune Collectable card! More information on our Discord.

Complimentary Activities

Activities in this section are complimentary but ♡ tips are appreciated! ♡

Portrait Drawing ♡ Tips Appreciated ♡
Ask your maid/butler for more information.

Deka's Photo Booth ♡ Tips Appreciated ♡
Decade Kadoya's Photography service, please message her for more information.

Rock, Paper, Scissors ♡ Best of 3 ♡ Tips Appreciated ♡
Play this classic game with your maid/butler. Ask your maid/butler for more info. Prize: Dessert of your choice!

Divination Gamble ♡ Best of 3 ♡ Tips Appreciated ♡
Guess the card with an Astrologian maid! Ask your maid/butler for more info. Prize: Dessert of your choice!

Cho-han (Dice Game: Evens or Odds) ♡ Best of 3 ♡ Tips Appreciated ♡
Play Cho-han with your maid/butler! Guess if the dice will be evens or odds. Prize: Dessert of your choice!

Paid Activities

Royal Tea Party (Duration: Up to 45 minutes)
♡ 1,000,000g ♡

*Gain access to the "Royal Tea Garden" with your maid or butler of choice. Please click here for more info. Note: This is a SFW experience, any straying beyond this rule will result in an immediate cancellation with no refund and ban from the cafe.

Triple Triad ♡ 5,000g per match ♡
Ask your maid/butler for more information.

Request a Song ♡ 50,000g ♡
Ask your maid/butler for more information

An Evening Stroll ♡ 5,000g ♡
Take an evening stroll or drive with your maid/butler around Empyreum.

Overmelding ♡ 1,000g per request♡
Must supply your own materia.

**Pancake Death Roll ♡ 50,000g buy in ♡,
350,000g prize! **
Can you survive this pancake challenge? Buy in and receive 10 pancake towers, start with 100 health. /random 100 to start, then from there /random the result. Example: eat pancake > /random 100 > 95! > eat pancake > /random 95, repeat. You lose when you reach 1 health. Should you survive, you'll receive 350,000g and be added to the Pancake Hall of Fame on our Discord Server!

Performance ♡ 100,000g ♡
Your maid/butler will do a performance on stage dedicated to you, may be a song, dance, skit, poem, etc.

Polaroid ♡ 25,000g per photo ♡
Take a photo at the photo booth with your maid/butler! Will be posted on the Discord.

Sparring Buddy ♡ 10,000g per match, 40,000g per 5 matches ♡
Ask your maid/butler for more information.

Roulettes ♡ 50,000g ♡
Pricing is per maid/butler & instance. Excludes MSQ/Alliance Raid.

MSQ/Alliance Raid Roulette ♡ 100,000g ♡
Pricing is per maid/butler & instance.

Mahjong Full Match ♡ 250,000g per match ♡
Must have 3 people in party, (limited availability, only 1 maid/butler at a time, no rank sniping).

Mahjong Quick Match ♡ 100,000g ♡
Must have 3 people in party, (limited availability, only 1 maid/butler at a time, no rank sniping).

Good Eats

Meals at our cafe are complimentary but ♡ tips are appreciated! ♡


Upland Wheat Dough topped with Tomato Sauce & Cheese, baked in a wood-fired oven until crispy.

Archon Burger
Grilled Butterbeef Patty topped with Ovibos Cheese, Lettuce, & Onion served on a Dark Rye Bun.

Apple Strudel
Handful of Chopped Apples glazed with Birch Syrup in a warm flaky crust, topped with Cinnamon.


Lumberjack's Pasta (Boscaiola)
✿ Seasonal Item ✿
Al dente Vermicelli topped with Seasonal Mushrooms, Onions, & Tomato Sauce.

Priestly Omelette
Heavenly Egg Omelette that has in Mushrooms, Onion, Cheese, & Parsley folded in. Topped with an adorable ketchup doodle!

Pixieberry Cheesecake
Slice of a rich, indulgent Cheesecake swirled through with a ribbon of Sweet Pixieberry Sauce.




Pixieberry Tea
✿ Seasonal Item ✿
Cup of Coerthan Tea mixed with muddled Pixieberries & Peppermint, sweetened with Garden Beet Sugar.
✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧Hot Chocolate
Heavenly Kukuru Powder whisked in piping hot Yak Milk, sweetened with Birch Syrup. Topped with an adorable Chocolate Syrup doodle!
Fermented Tea Leaf Powder whisked into piping hot Crescent Spring Water.
✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧Triple Cream Coffee
Roasted Ground Coffee Beans percolated to perfection. Poured into an equal amount of thick Sweet Cream, sweetened with Maple Sugar.
✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧Ishgardian Tea
Yak Milk steeped with Coerthan Tea Leaves sweetened with Maple Sugar.


Our Bards

View each Bard's song list by clicking on their photo!

Pretzel Nutella

Request a song for 50,000g! Ask your maid/butler for more information.

Our Artists

View each Artist's Portfolio by clicking on their photo! Ask your maid/butler for more information on how to book a portrait.

Lianthe's Art

Tips are appreciated (Tip suggestions: Chibi Colored - 8 mil, Chibi Head Colored - 6 mil, Sketched Bust Flat Colored - 4 mil, Emote Colored - 2 mil)! Ask your maid/butler for more information.

Sumi's Art Menu

Sumi's Cafe Portfolio

Gondo's Portfolio

Gondo will turn your Warrior of Light into a Space Marine! Tips are appreciated (Tip Suggestion: 500,000g)! Ask your maid/butler for more information.

Deka's Photo Booth

Welcome Deka's Photo Booth! Decade Kadoya offers a range of photography and touchups. Please message her directly in game for more details and to set up an appointment. Check out her website!


Roombasa's Portfolio

Tips are appreciated! Ask your maid/butler for more information.